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Citat:Лилиана, Ищу замужнего мужика, мне 16 лет.
Мои фотки
Мужчины вы где 3f0652b

Кондрат, И мне такой нужен) мне уже 13 лет.

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It is important for any musician not only to write a track or album, but also to monetize it as profitably as possible. Make money on your creativity.

And streaming platforms play a big role in the sale of music. After all, almost every audition is paid.

Many musicians receive thousands of dollars from streaming every month. It remains to choose the right distributor who will quickly place the musician's track on the maximum number of sites.

We recommend the service https://www.newmusic.top/. This service is free for the musician, there is no need to pay anything in advance. It is enough to register, upload a track, cover art and track data.

Music distribution service New Music will quickly place tracks on over 100 sites.

The musician, in his personal account, will be able to observe the statistics on auditions. In which countries, in what quantity and in what streaming service they listened to his work. And at the beginning of the reporting period, the musician receives detailed statistics and the due fee. The artist reserves all rights. The fee (money) can be withdrawn to a bank card or to an account.

Making a piece of music is one thing. Placement on platforms is the second. And to tell music lovers about the artist's work, to advertise and become a popular performer is another thing. And sometimes it's harder than writing a hit.

Every day 60-100 thousand music tracks appear in the world. To stand out from this amount of music, to be heard is almost the main task that a musician faces.

Service managers https://www.newmusic.top/ listen to the downloaded musicians' tracks. High-quality pieces of music are sent to radio stations, playlist curators, and news reviews of new products. And all this is free for the artist.

The main requirement for a musician is to create high-quality content (music tracks) and post it through the New Music service. If you want to strengthen the advertising campaign, the managers of https://www.newmusic.top will advise, tell and help.

Another advantageous advantage of https://www.newmusic.top/ is free licensing and free placement (distribution) of covers. Covering popular songs is a very good start or rebirth for a musician. Performing covers give a powerful impetus to the recognition and popularization of the musician's creativity. After all, the original song is already popular ...

Record covers, post on streaming platforms through https://www.newmusic.top/ to get maximum monetization (profit) and recognition. And all the red tape associated with the legal registration of covers, payments of royalties, etc., managers of New Music will take over.

The only thing left for the musician is to create and get the most out of the works he has created.

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