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China Hebei Yongcheng Incense Co.,Ltd. was established in 1998, Located in 7 ancient capital Handan 20 Kilometers soutswest of Fengfeng mining area. Covers an area of 11000 square meters, with about 60 employees, management personnel10. Is a 15-year history of expenenced companies. From raw material production to product sales strict quality control Specializing in the incense, disc incense a variety of production processes. For incense, health care worship Buddha, sacrifice and so on.
In 2016, the registered trademenark {Tianmai}, Yongcheng incen se industry in 2018 to become China's CCTT securities infomnation channel "weekly fincncial information" column special guest.
Yongcheng incense products sold to the major cities in China, access to a good reputation. Foreign markets to Cambodia yuan.Sri Lanka. In dia, Vietnam, Thailand, Japan, Laos and other ritnal Buddha countries. Annual output value of 4 million U.S.dollars.
Yongcheng incense industry in line with the quality of survival, to the credibility of the development, integrity and cooperation for the purpose of the business philosophy of making the world's people sincere to cooperation.Cone Incense