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General Description
JKW15 APFC Reactive Power Compensation Controller adopts the most advanced single-chip microcomputer control technology at home and abroad. The sampling physical quantity is reactive power. The AC sampling resists the power grid high harmonic interference. Factors can be widely adapted to different grid conditions.
Standard JB / T9663-2013.
Working conditions
鈼?Power voltage: The rated value is AC 220V or 380V, and the fluctuation cannot exceed 20%锛?/p>
鈼?Ambient temperature: -25 鈩?~ 55 鈩?
鈼?Relative humidity: the maximum relative humidity is 90% (at 20 掳 C)锛?/p>
鈼?Altitude: no more than 2000m锛?/p>
鈼?Environmental conditions: no explosive and flammable dangerous media, no corrosive metal gas and conductive dust that damages electrical insulation.
鈼?Real-time display of three-phase network conditions: including system voltage, system current, power factor and control parameters, etc;
鈼?Automatically identify the polarity of the sampling signal, and there is no concern about the polarity of the wiring;
鈼?With parameter setting memory function, data will not be lost after power off
鈼?With over-voltage and under-voltage protection;
鈼?With low reactive power blocking function, the grid reactive power is higher than the C / K set value and the power factor is lower than the input threshold set value, which can effectively prevent switching oscillation;
鈼?Adopt cyclic switching mode, and the switching delay can be adjusted;
鈼?Various digital adjustable parameters, intuitive and simple, can be widely applied to different grid conditions;
鈼?Strong anti-interference ability, can directly resist the interference pulse from the peripheral common mode amplitude 2000V.Compensation Controller manufacturers