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Path of Exile may be deep into Archnemesis League, but the Grinding Gear Games team has announced the date for the next expansion, 3.18, which arrives on May 13. This is good news for me who are tired of Siege of the Atlas. I can’t wait to prepare for the new expansion. The PC version of Archnemesis League will end about five days early, and new content will follow. Although a live stream is planned for a week before the release of the new content 3.18.

Path of Exile: Siege of the Atlas is a major update with multiple additions and a massive, overhauled skill tree system. When 3.17 was released, it also brought Path of Exile its highest number of concurrent players ever, at over 270,000. As a loyal player of Path of Exile, I hope this game can continue to surpass the peak. I will also prepare Path of Exile Currency to participate in the game as always.

As an old player of the game, I am also very experienced in buying POE Currency. I also found a trusted seller POECurrency. I can get the best service and cheapest price at POECurrency. The best part in my opinion is that POECurrency provides 24/7 Support and fulfills orders very quickly. This event is also a once-in-a-lifetime event and very cost-effective. I'm on my way!

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